Sale Queue

A big shop selling nice principal foods is doing a big sale. Early in the morning, there has already been a long queue of people waiting for the shop to open at 9 o'clock in the morning.

An old man looked so inpatient and cut the queue to the front. The people there were so mad and yelling, "Hei!! On queue please....", and pushing the old man to the back again.

The old man seemed not really care about this. He tried again to cut the queue and walk to the front. The second time, people there yelled at him and pushed him to the back.

For the third time, he walked again to the front. This time, the people there lost their patience. Whilst cursing him, they pushed the old man 'till he felt down....

The old man then stood up and yelled, "If you guys dare to push me again, I won't open the shop!! I'll let you guys queue 'till old!! Haiya!!!"


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