Whatsapp in Indonesia?

Whatsapp was establishing them-self by claiming that they will be a good replacement for SMS service provided by default by network operators (go to http://www.whatsapp.com/ for more information) . However, can whatsapp really do that good job?

Below are eight reasons I found why whatsapp won't do a good job as SMS replacement in Indonesia (yet maybe):
  1. Internet connection here is not stable and reliable enough to make sure that the message will arrive instantly. Even here, we cannot make sure that SMS will arrive instantly.
  2. People tend to ignore whatsapp notification compare to SMS notification.
  3. The server is just not too stable as the number of users is increasing (for now maybe)
  4. People tend to mute the notification for whatsapp or other instant messaging (not including BBM though) but not SMS. It means, they will know if a new SMS (or BBM message) arrived, but not whatsapp.
  5. For some people, turning off internet will cost them less money and of course save more battery power for more important things. Unregistering them-self to unlimited internet data plan is also considered as a good way to save more money. Whatsapp is also not included in just-for-instant-messaging BB internet data plan. This prevents people from doing whatsapp with BB users, since here, most people are still using BB.
  6. Sometimes, people here are just don't want to add more instant messaging application. They argue that they already have YM, GTalk, Skype, BBM, etc. No need to add additional instant messaging that will just cost them less battery life and "headache".
  7. Whatsapp is a paid solution one. Here, people tend to reject the paid ones. Having a good free solution here is better than having to pay for the paid unknown-quality solution. That's how Indonesian people mentality works, right now hopefully.
  8. Why should people registering them-self to Whatsapp while with current internet data plan they can chat easily with others using such services as YM and BBM that are already used by most of their friends, and of course, more reliable?

Regardless of everything I've stated above, Whatsapp may still be able to be a replacement for SMS here. There is always a chance for success. The main issue with whatsapp is that their server always having glitch constantly. It might be fine though for Indonesia people, since here, we have used to rely on the high-cost unstable network operators.


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