Digital Signing with Java

In today's post, we are going to see how easy it is to do digital signing using Java programming language. Java has provided libraries that you can use out of the box to produce digital signature. Let's get started.
A little bit of theory For those of you who do not know yet about digital signature, this is basically a process that ensures that the content that you sent has not been altered in any way. Digital signature is one of the most important things to do in this digital world. Without it, it will be hard to verify data integrity.
Relationship with Hashing At this stage, one must have noticed that to check data integrity, you can actually use a hashing algorithm. For example, when you download a file from the internet, they usually provide the hash (be it MD5 or SHA1 or higher) for you to check the integrity of the downloaded file.
Although this is true, digital signing actually provides you with more than just a data integrity. Digital signing has tight integration wit…

National Library of Indonesia

Yesterday, 27 December 2018, was my first time visiting the newly renovated National Library of Indonesia. My first impression, of course, it's a big library building with a lot of collections.

This building is a 24-storey building consists of collections from books, photos, magazines, newspapers, and many more.

Anyone from member to general public is allowed to come here and use the facilities inside. However, for some facilities, such as computer room, only members are allowed.
It has cafeteria at level 4, allowing visitors to have a meal there. At the ground level, they provide a room with many lockers inside for you to put your belongings. You will receive a transparent bag, allowing you to bring some simple stuffs that you need during your visitation, such as your laptop. Each locker has its own key, so rest assured your items are pretty much safe there.
Children Area

If you want to bring your children here, you can go to level 7. This level provides reading materials for children…